I have joined the vast array of bloggers to document the adventures of our family in 2012. It should be an exciting year. We are expecting our fourth child in July, are hopefully moving into a bigger house, and are navigating the world of fitting three carseats into a 2001 Civic or – gasp – possibly buying a minivan. Hey – as long as this is full disclosure, I should also note that we are likely going to end up in the burbs. Bring on the restrictive covenants and hosting the mandatory new neighbor BBQ.

All joking aside, this blog will mostly be a place for me to document the fear and excitement of expecting our second Rainbow baby. We can’t wait to meet you sweetie! And of course, the blog would not be complete without noting the cuteness that surrounds me daily in the form of a four year old and one year old, and reflecting on the little boy who should be running around with them but is instead in heaven watching over and protecting us.


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